Jeff Ball

“I’ve seen big improvements and would recommend the RePose to anyone else looking for some stretching help!”

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Ultra Marathon Runner

William Griffith

I had a motorcycle wreck & fractured T8 in 4 places and ruptured T7,T8, and T9 discs. My wife used to do traction by folding a thin pillow case and placing it under my occiput. This worked pretty well, except she is small and tired quickly. The RePose works even better especially after treatment from my cell oscillation device! 

CONGRATULATIONS to you for completing something that will help a lot of people!


Amy Jacobson

“I was training for a marathon and I was so stiff and sore.  It was because I wasn’t stretching like I needed to.  I started using the RePose and it has helped me tremendously.  I use it almost everyday and I can tell I’m getting more flexible.  I love this thing!”


Marathon Runner

Dr. Craig Singer

“I used the classic rolled up beach towel for years. Then I saw the RePose and knew I had to have it. The concept is so easy and that makes it into the perfect piece of equipment especially for cervical traction.”


Dr. Alden Clendenin

“I used to use the towel for cervical traction. The towel kept slipping and wasn’t professionally appealing. Now I use the RePose all the time for cervical traction and many other stretches. The versatility of this product gives a good combo from traction to stretching.”


Chiropractor Chicago Cubs

Dr. Victor Guerra

“I use the RePose for everything from cervical traction to stretching quads. This product puts less stress on my hands, arms and back. At the end of the day I go home less fatigued. I wouldn’t be in practice today without it.”


Brian Bigelow

“I use it every day (used to use a towel folded lengthwise 4 times). I put headrest paper over it and then use it for cervical traction and my patients love it. Many ask for it specifically. It is very durable and is holding up very well in spite of a great deal of use. I get a lot of axial type vertebral joint releases with it as well. 

Thank you for an excellent product that is effective and helps save wear and tear on my hands and wrists.” 

Chiropractor & Triathlete Trainer