Sports Stretching Tool

Over 50 stretches guaranteed to hit your entire teams problem areas

Whether you’re a team trainer, coach or therapist we have a technique for you

RePose: A Revolutionary Sport Band

This revolutionary sport therapy tool can stretch the muscle dynamically. Durable, versatile, and convenient, it is also great for rehab work, building strength, and muscle recovery. The sport stretch band is extra-strong and resistant as well, and is especially designed for heavy-duty training.

Used properly, this simple band will assist athletes in improving their overall joint range of motion, and reducing their muscle tone and tightness.

How RePose Assists Athletes

Recommended by reputed sports physiotherapists, the RePose may assist in the reduction of hamstring strain, ankle sprain, and lower back pain. It targets any muscle group from the arms and shoulder to the glutes and legs, and is crucial for endurance, recovery period, and increased velocity.

Simply put, it is an essential tool for any athlete whose goal is to have a long and healthy career.

Handy, Compact, Space-Saving Sports Stretching Tool

Unlike other sports stretching tools for recovery and endurance, RePose is so compact and lightweight –, which means the exercises can be performed in the home, in the gym, or on the playing field.

Exercises Using RePose

Apart from stretching, athletes may use RePose for a variety of sports injury recovery exercises. It can also be incorporated into a circuit-training format to condition the cardiovascular system and strengthen specific muscle groups.

Every muscle group in the body, even smaller ones that are difficult to target, can be trained with exercises using RePose:

  • Concentration curls for bicep muscles
  • Standing, sitting extensions and kickbacks for triceps
  • Standing chest press for chest
  • Front squats for legs
  • Kneeling crunch for abs

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